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We’re one of the most experienced tour operators in Poland. Having been in the business for nearly 30 years we gained in-depth expertise in organising domestic and multi-country group tours. Among other things, we arrange holiday stays and cultural trips as well as take care of accommodation, transportation and entertainment.

Our company was established in 1990 in Krakow. At the beginning we acted as an incoming tour operator and hotel management company for two of Krakow’s hotels, both located in the very heart of Krakow: Wyspianski Hotel*** and Amadeus Hotel****. Since then we have been successfully operating in the tourist market, offering a wide range of services to our foreign and Polish partners and guests.

As a member of national tourism organisations, such as the Polish Chamber of Tourism and Krakow Chamber of Tourism, we actively support tourism industry development in Poland.


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Board of directors

Paweł Bączek
CEO & Partner
Monika Bączek-Bochenek
Jan Bączek

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Situation in Poland (updated 15/02/2021)


Poland is experiencing second wave of coronavirus. Polish government is monitoring restrictions level and at this point number of new infections is considered as growing. All country is in red zone with high level of sanitary regime to prevent spreading virus. Procedures in red zone refers to limitations for sport, cultural, family and religious events, obligatory masks at any time, limits in number of people in public transport, shopping malls, gyms, cinemas, theaters. Hospitals in red zones are operating under severely restricted procedures to help stop spreading pandemic. The below information refers to red zone.


From 13th June Poland borders are open with EU and all countries belonging to Schengen area. Tourists who are crossing the border of Poland by organised transport may be asked to undergo obligatory 10-day quarantine. During this time you may not leave your home, walk your dog, go shopping. If a person in quarantine is in close contact with other persons at home, they must also be quarantined. The EU's external borders are still closed. As of 28 December, persons who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 are exempted from the obligatory quarantine.


As of 29th July 2020, international flights from airports located on the territory of European Union have been resumed. Tourists who are crossing the border of Poland by organised transport may be asked to undergo obligatory 10-day quarantine. International rail traffic has been restored within the internal borders of the European Union. However, traveling by international trains to destinations outside the EU's external borders is still suspended.

Private coaches

50% of seats can be taken on coach and there is a disinfection after each drive. Wearing masks during a trip is obligatory.


As of 12 February, hotels resume their operations under a strict sanitary regime - up to 50% occupancy. Hotel restaurants remain closed; meals can only be served to rooms.


From 7th November there are delivery-only or take away restaurants.


As of 1 February, art galleries, museums and libraries are open under a trict sanitary regime. As of 12 February, cinemas, theatres, opera houses and philharmonics resume their operations under a strict sanitary regime – maximum of 50% of seats can be occupied during cultural events. Masks are obligatory. Consumption is prohibited.

Public transport

Trams and busses in the cities operates with only 50% of seats taken. Domestic flights and train connections are available. These limits do not apply to vehicles for the transport of disabled passengers. Again masks are obligatory in all above transport means.

General information

It’s compulsory to cover your nose and mouth is in shops, museums, public transport and all closed and open air areas . On the street it’s required to keep the distance of 2 m one from another and cover your face. A certain sanitary regime (like disinfection) applies in all of the below. It is recommended not to leave home without serious reason and work remotely.


There are limits in number of people in grocery shops. Shopping malls are open from 1st February under a strict sanitary regime. Pharmacies, services points, bakeries, constructional markets and grocery shops are open.