Jewels of the Baltic


The Baltic Region is scattered with fairy-tale like cities and charming little towns with amazing architectural treasures. Get to know this slightly less-hyped, more peaceful, but exceptionally beautiful part of Europe.

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Warsaw – the capital of Poland will surprise you more and more with every step you take. Here the modern business centres stand next to the icons of Soviet architecture, the remains of the dreaded communist era. The city never sleeps, so it’s worth to hit the streets again in the evening and experience the rich nightlife.

Mikolajki – this little charming town is located in the Masurian Landscape Park and lies by two picturesque lakes. Take a boat ride and enjoy the beautiful views.

Malbork – explore this Teutonic fortress that is also the biggest castle in the world, and feel the spirit of the Middle Ages.

Gdansk – the city has always played an important role in European history. Here Lech Wałęsa led the anti-communist movement and Solidarity was established. The “Royal Way” will take you to the city’s major historical sites, such as Golden Gate, the Neptune Fountain, the late-Gothic Artus Court, and the Town Hall dating from the 14-15th centuries. If you’re looking for a souvenir idea, amber jewelry is the best choice as the city has been known for its amber craftsmanship for centuries.

Vilnius – Siauliai (The Hill of Crosses) – Rundale (Rundale Palace) – explore Vilnius Old Town that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Then head to Siauliai and go up the hill where thousands of crosses were put up to represent Christian devotion and also serve as a memorial to Lithuanian national identity. Next, get to see the Rundale Palace, a magnificent example of baroque architecture.

Riga – Jurmala – get yourself prepared for a lot of sightseeing because Riga is home to numerous historical and cultural attractions. You’ll visit the City Canal parks, the Bastion Hill, the Powder Tower, the Church of St. Peter, the old Guild Houses, the Swedish Gate, just to name a few. Stop by at one of the trending restaurants to try local cuisine before you travel further to Jurmala, a resort town possessing 150-year-old resort traditions. There you’ll have a moment to unwind and enjoy the sea breeze.

Tallinn – the city’s Old Town looks like it came straight from a fairy tale. It’s one of the bestpreserved examples of medieval architecture. During the trip, you will see the Toompea Castle, the 15th-century Town Hall Square, and numerous churches including the 13th century Dome church and the 19th-century Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Alexander Nevskij.

Helsinki – enjoy the city’s cosmopolitan character which perfectly harmonizes with the surrounding nature. During your stay, you will visit all the must-see places, including the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, the Uspensky Orthodox Cathedral and the Church in the Rock.