Poland and Czech Republic


Experience the true Slavic hospitality. Try the specialties of Polish cuisine at one of the restaurants with a view of Krakow Old Town or have a cup of aromatic coffee in Warsaw’s hustling and bustling city center. Then, head to Prague, the heart of Czech Republic, to feel its artistic atmosphere and recharge your batteries at a classic local tavern.

What's on the agenda?

Warsaw – take a tour of the city that was almost entirely destroyed during WWII, where the ultramodern towers contrast with carefully restored historical buildings.

Częstochowa – visit the city known as the spiritual capital of Poland due to the holly icon of the Black Madonna located in the Jasna Góra Monastery.

Auschwitz Memorial – take a visit to one of the largest concentration camps built by the Nazis during WWII.

Royal City of Krakow – get to see the former capital of Poland, once home to the Polish royal family, the city known for its rich and varied cultural life.

Wieliczka – to see the treasures of Wieliczka you’ll need to go several meters under the ground. You’ll find there the worldwide unique chambers and a chapel chiseled in rock salt by the generations of local miners.

Brno – head to the city that lies at the crossroads of ancient trade routes that joined Northern and Southern European civilizations for centuries.

Prague – get to see the city famous for its charming architecture, rich historical heritage and creative atmosphere that attract a variety of artistic souls. Explore the Hradčany Castle where Czech kings used to live and St. Vitus cathedral where some of them were buried. Another must-see point of your visit in Prague is the Jewish Town, also called Josephstadt, which used to be a cultural center of Jewish Diaspora for centuries.