Discover Poznan – the hidden gem of Poland


If you are looking for new exciting experience in a place which somehow stayed out of the tourist radar yet is charming and filled with attractions, visit Poznan. This well-off city will amaze you with its traditions dating back to the very beginning of Poland’s history, a mix of modern and classic architecture and outstanding gastronomy. Poznan is great for both: city break or a longer stay. All that will leave you with the best memories ever.

What should you visit:

Billy goats – let them cheer you up! The most delightful symbol of Poznan, two mechanical billy goats, butt their heads twelve times every day at noon on the historical Town Hall tower since the 16th century.

Old Town – get lost in the labyrinth of colorful streets and feel like in the Renaissance with the Town Hall and merchant houses.

The Royal-Imperial Route – follow the trail by visiting the picturesque Imperial Castle District, Royal Castle and, the very first of them all, Cathedral Island.

Nature – Citadel Park, Warta river and other numerous beautiful, green spaces will make you doubt you’re still in a big modern city.

Lake Malta – keep in shape in the huge sport-recreational center concentrated around the lake or take a ride with a Maltanka mini-railway to the New Zoo.

Saint-Martin Croissants – Poznan will keep you well fed with its traditional treat, which actually has its own museum!

Shopping – get crazy in excellent shopping centers - one of them the best in the world: Old Brewery Art, Shopping & Business Center.

Palace and castle – get out of the city for a moment to Kórnik and Rogalin in the southern outskirts of Poznan and then take a walk among the forests and lakes of the Wielkopolski National Park.