Living like the Locals


An old Polish saying has it that 'a guest at home is God at home' - experience the exceptional hospitality that Poles are so well known for. Get first-hand experience of how everyday life in Poland looks like and immerse yourself in the local culture.

What’s the plan?

Dinner with a Polish family – this is a unique opportunity to taste real homemade Polish food and talk about everyday life, culture, and traditions in Poland.

Cooking lessons – learn to prepare typical polish food, just like a Polish grandma would make.

Let`s go shopping – get to know most renown Polish brands.

Take a ride by municipal transport – perhaps city buses or trams are not the fastest, but definitely have some charm.

Try Polish fast food „zapiekanka” – you’ll love it!

Be active as the locals are – join Poles in their active leisure: get on a bike, go to a swimming pool or take a long evening stroll.

Pub crawling – time for some shots of Polish vodka or a few pints of local craft beer.

Not only the city – take a break from city noise and enjoy the sounds of nature in the countryside.

How about going out for a walk? – explore the city at your own pace and get in touch with the local culture.