Educational themed tours

What's on the agenda?

The World War II Tour Take your students for a day trip to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum that was established on the sites of the former concentration camp to see the of horrors of the Nazi regime. They will also have an opportunity to meet one of the last witnesses of the Holocaust or a member of the Righteous Among Nations.

The Following in the Footsteps of Communism tour Your students may know some facts about Communism from their history books or tv documentaries, but you can take them on a real journey back in time to the socialism days. Visit the famous city of Nowa Huta, which was designed to be an ideal communist city. Then have lunch at a typical “milk bar”, a relic of Poland’s years of socialism. Pierogi and kompot is a must-try!

The Engineering/Factory tour Are you looking for an outside-of-classroom lesson ideas? Take your students on an educational trip to a local factory where they will learn more about engineering, production and logistics. Then head to a small village of Czorsztyn to take a closer look at the local dam on the river Dunajec – a real treat for all engineering enthusiasts.

The Media tour Let your students get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a local radio station and newspaper office, so they can find out more about the journalist job.

The Sports tours Are your students true sport lovers? Here’s a challenge for them. Give them a chance to compete with local teams in various games and sporting competitions all around Poland. Fingers crossed!

The Music tours Give your school music group an opportunity to grow musically through performing in front of an international audience. Start rehearsing – we’ll help you organize a concert tour throughout Poland.

The Social Work tours Taking care of those in need in the local hospices, children’s homes, care homes, foundations or penal institutions can be an important lesson of kindness and empathy for young people. Show them that altruism can be contagious.