You won’t get bored in Gdansk


Get yourself prepared for an amazing experience while visiting Gdansk and the area. Feel the marine atmosphere while walking alongside the coast to the port. Make sure you try local seafood specialties. Visit numerous historical spots. Stop for an afternoon cup of coffee at one of the cozy cafes with a view on beautifully decorated old townhouses.

What’s there to see?

Royal Way and Długie Pobrzeże (the “Long Waterfront”) – walk along the delightful merchant’s houses to the Town Hall, take a panorama view of the city from the top of St Mary’s Church, see the Artus Court (the impressive mansion that used to be a meeting place of the nobility), take a picture with the Neptune Fountain, and visit the Amber Manufacture.

Shipyard – see for yourself the place where Wałęsa did his historical jump over the wall, visit the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers and the Road to Freedom Exhibition.

Oliwa district – get inside the Oliwa Cathedral and listen to its famed Baroque organs.

Sopot – take a walk on the longest wooden pier in Poland to get a perfect view of the bay and try your luck with finding amber on the beach.

Gdynia – if you’re a marine enthusiast, you’ll surely enjoy walking alongside the wharf, where old vessels and ships are moored, step by the Aquarium to see various species of both the sea and freshwater fauna and flora

Malbork castle (whole day trip) – explore the largest castle in the world, which has never been conquered by any army.

Elbląg canal (whole day trip) – see one of the most remarkable technological inventions of the 19th century.

Westerplatte peninsula – visit the place where World War II officially began.